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The Puppet Show of Life. The Drama! The Passion! The Fun!

The Puppet Show of Life. The Drama! The Passion! The Fun!

Remember that the changes in your life and what you experience in others is built from within, but also that everything external is determined by what is within. Externals may seem to be slower to respond, but be sure you have made real changes within. You need to hold to the new path even when the externals are not yet responding. Live in peace knowing the spirit is moving. Half the task is to have faith without worry, knowing the preeminence of the Cause of all. Causes don’t bow to effects.

When you want a better experience, be in the world but not of it, meaning external events don’t determine your mood. Materail things don’t determine your spirit. You know that what Creates is your spirit. Thus it is necessary to look on and EXPERINECE without condemnation even though you know there are higher external options available. The objective value of the external event is undebatable, so you don’t need to condemn it. What the experience is about is not the other’s behavior, but your own spiritual stance in the face of it. You need to change what is determining the events of your life, and that is your own consciousness. Trying to change others is impractical materialism. Changing yourself so as to create a new expression of your spirit in life is practical spirituality.

Remember always what I teach about negative emotion: it’s always an attempt to get someone else to change, forgetting that your own issues within are what draw events to you to prod you to change your inner workings. You are the puppeteer of your life. You need to change what the hand – your spirit – is doing, not scowl at the puppet. If there’s content in the script you don’t prefer, thank the actors for letting you see it and look within at the script. See their innocence and devotion, and love them for it. Silently thank them whole heartedly. This is a major difference in one’s approach to life.

No, others are not puppets of you, but rather take the approach that your life is the puppet of you spirit. All the puppeteers in your puppet show are glad to follow your spirit-script. Even your enemies are not your enemies but actors in your play, totally and instantly devoted to the script you the author give them in each moment. I repeat: love your players, knowing they are innocent of the scripted role they are playing for you. Thank them in every moment for executing the script so exactingly, knowing that when you give them a rewrite they will respond.

You don’t battle the puppets, but change the script. And if the script includes some “dramatic” scenes now and then, you silently acknowledge how well they were played by the actors and forgive them their fearsome visage. You get to decide if you are going to get hooked by the script, or are you going to remember is all just a play, and that all are innocent and loving servants of spirit’s purpose. If you get hooked by the script then you are putting yourself in the position of a puppet, not the puppeteer/author.

While we work “on” the outer with the inner and envision it being better around us, the real test, the real aim is your inner peace in the face of the outer that may still be facing you – prompting you to change. Spiritual growth is sort of a two phase process: a) change your inner nature so it does not manifest negatives outwardly, and b) change your response to as yet “unimproved” externals so they don’t determine how you feel about them or yourself. The overall effect is a shift of thinking the causes are external to practicing the truth that they are interna. You come from true cause and true nature, respectively. They are both within, meaning spirit, the hand in the puppet of life.

What a great performance!