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The Meaning of The Time Traveler’s Wife Movie

The Meaning of The Time Traveler’s Wife Movie

Some people are not easily convinced the movie or TV industry has any light in it at all, but you have to realize that what some call God is in everything, and it can use everything to communicate meaning and messages. The movies and even television shows are written by people who are often quite intuitive in their creativity. Thus, a lot of very deep messages are presented to the multitudes through even very commercialized movies. The messages reach those it is intended for, even those who are not especially conscious, and plants seeds of growth, opens doors to wisdom and meaning.

I was very impressed by The Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s production quality was great and the story moved along beautifully, keeping you in suspense all the way. You get to see the evolving relationship between the two main characters and the complications his “ailment” causes. But let me tell you, this is not just some fanciful quasi sci-fi film about a man who can travel through time. It’s not about that at all. It’s a huge and beautiful and blatant metaphor for the primary ailment of mankind: not being in the present moment.

Sorry, but I don’t remember the character’s names, but the guy has this allegedly genetic problem that causes him to disappear from the present where he lives and appear, in all his naked glory, somewhere else in the past or future. And as the wife says, “it’s a problem.” What couple – or any person – hasn’t had problems based on issues from their own or their spouse’s past experiences. One of those significant events comes to mind and you just aren’t here and now. The past rises up and affects you in ways that mess up the current situation in some big or little way. This is a very common situation for everyone, regardless of being in a relationship or not. “Past-itis” is a burden most people carry around with them constantly, and it pollutes the present moment continually.

Or your dreams and hopes and ambitions for the future take you away from being in the present, being with your family, or from attending to things in the now that need attention. You work too much to make a nest egg for the future and miss out on your children growing up, or just don’t make time to enjoy yourself and your mate now. You try to change yourself to be something but there’s no acceptance of yourself in the present moment, and so your present moment is stunted with this subtle unforgiveness and can’t change. You aren’t here with yourself. You aren’t here with those who need you to just be, and aren’t being what you need to be most.

So what do you do? How do you keep from time-travelling? In the movie there is a little girl who tells the main character how to control it. I won’t give it away, but essentially what she says means to be happy. Of all the Guidance I’ve experienced the most prevalent counsel I receive is “Be Happy.” Look at your life and find ways to be happy in the now and to be happy about the past so you don’t revisit it and abandon your post in the present moment. If you are unhappy about events in the past you will be drawn back to them and bring up your reactions to them in the present moment, burying the now in a pile of rotting history. Look at those events in a different way. Maybe it’s just being happy they are over. But go deeper if you can. And find ways to forgive and leave them behind, to move on in peace. Your grievances is grief and that is never happiness and will keep you travelling and absent from those you love in the now.

And in the present moment, if you are not happy with it and don’t find a way to be at peace with it, even as you make appropriate efforts to improve your life, you will tend to leave the now and either revisit better times in the past or daydream yourself into some future time with fantasies of things that may never come. Or if you are a pessimist you may wander off into a negative future that doesn’t suit your desires and bring even that imagined grief down on yourself and those around you in the present moment, spoiling it for them as well. That is not what you want, but that is what you have been doing. It’s just not healthy or safe to wander away through time.

So what’s so great about the now? Peace. As you see in the movie, the past is a rather hazardous place. The wife says to a doctor something like, “He has to be able to run, to get away.” When he travels in time he arrives there stark naked, and never know where he will be. And that is what happens when you time travel because of your issues. You are not clothed in the present moment. You arrive there stripped of everything useful, vulnerable and suspected by all. But when you are in the present you have everything you need. You are in your home environment with those you love.

Being consistently in the now is a sign you have healed and are balanced. When you are here and now, as I explained above, you are here because you are at peace and not running off to the past or present to complain or dream of other times. Being here and now is a sign you are wise enough to forgive what was and is, and to find a way to enjoy what you have, or at least look at it with kind and insightful eyes. So it’s essential to change how you look at everything so you can enjoy the now.

Look at your life with a determination to heal your view and perception of it. Time travelling is a sign of grievance, of complaint, and complaint is not remedy. If there is something that bothers you, find a positive remedy for it in the now. If you can take some action then do so, but also be willing for that action to be nothing more than forgiveness. It will always start with forgiveness. When you forgive you are not complaining, not grieving and that leaves only happiness, which will enable you to stay in the now.