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The Most Powerful and Easy Prayer for a Better Life and World

The Most Powerful and Easy Prayer for a Better Life and World

I have witnessed the power of prayer. I know it’s real and not just wishful thinking or coincidence. It is certainly not futile and has helped me in wonderful ways.

There are a lot of different thoughts, even whole books on “effective prayer”. What do we pray for? What do we really need? Who are we praying to?

Actually, while I do believe in God – in my own way – I don’t think it’s all that critical that you believe in the Creator in a particular way. The essential thing is to be willing for prayer to work somehow, and be determined to accept what you are praying for. If your concept is that there is Something that turns our thoughts into experiences, perhaps a Cosmic Consciousness or Universal Mind, then that will do.

Then there’s the question of what to pray for. There’s praying for things you want or need, praying for others, for the world. Really, it doesn’t matter. You have a good heart, and the Creator wants you to be happy and will respond to your sincere prayers. The Universal Unity Uniting and Creating Consciousness (UUUCC?) will answer.

Another angle on what to pray for is in the story of King Solomon. God asked him if he wanted wealth or wisdom. He said wisdom, and God gave him both. But don’t say wisdom because you want wealth. It’s our foolishness that puts us in want, so wanting bring us wisdom but by the follies of our attempts to get wealth without it. Eventually we learn what really matters. Wisdom is itself wealth, and you life will be shaped by your wisdom.

So, how to pray? Some books or teachers over the ages have said pray this way or that way, say these words, do it under certain circumstances or whatever. I’ll tell you how to pray: sincerely. Mean it and it will be yours.

What do you say? Well, that relates to what you are praying for. We, in our somewhat limited awareness don’t necessarily know what we need, but we can leave that part to the Creator, Who does know precisely what we need. Thus I have tailored a general prayer that has proven quite effective. It goes like this:

“Help me God.”

Simple and to the point.

Say it in your mind or out loud, over and over, and mean it with faith and trust that your prayer is answered.

If you want to elaborate, you can say it this way: “Help me God in your perfect way and time.” This acknowledges the fact that you don’t necessarily know what you need or when you need it, but the Creator does. It brings in trust and patience, which are true signs of wisdom and which add a high vibration to your prayer.

And if you are praying for others, then modify it also. remember, you don’t really know what that person or situation needs, so let God fill in the blanks.

“Help him/her/them God, in your perfect way and time.”

You can also add “Thank you.” to the end of each repetition of your prayer. Feel your gratitude in advance, for the perfect help you will receive.

Why pray? One might think that a truly loving and benevolent God would not need to be asked for blessings, but the fact, in my study and experience, is that this world is not simply of God’s making, but of our messing up. Surely it was created with God’s power but all we see in it and would see in it comes by the direction of our own consciousness, and when we use prayer to direct the God-power to shape our world for us, it will do so.

It’s been said we are the creators the Creator created. So let’s accept our important role and light the world with good prayer. Pray often, expressing your positive intention and vision for your life and your world. Some prayers can come true in minutes, other times I see results in about four hours usually, but always trust that what is right will come through.