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Prosperity Awareness Month

Prosperity Awareness Month

(Originally published in January of 2009)

I just got an email from a wonderful friend of mine reminding us this is Poverty in America Awareness Month. I applaud her for her continual efforts to act on her heartfelt vision for the betterment of the world. She is far above average even in the world of spirituality.

Her email urges the reader to donate to those in need of food and other things, and I am inspired to add to what she forwarded. The email reads:

January is Poverty Awareness Month.

May we all do what we can this month (and all year) to be more aware of poverty in America and the rest of the world, have compassion and assist in any way we can to help the poor and hungry. I will make myself available one day a week to go around collecting food to give to the homeless. If you would like to donate food, and aren’t able to deliver it, please let me know and I will do what I can to drop by and pick it up for you.

As you participate in any way you can this month, may I suggest that you also give thanks and gratitude for what you have. Although it may be tough for many of us right now, remember that there are others that are in a more difficult space now and when we help others, we help ourselves.

For more information on poverty in America, please click on:

As usual, I felt compelled and inspired to expand these ideas:

Every Month is Prosperity Awareness Month…
May we all do what we can this month and all year to be more aware of the limitless supply that the Creator offers us all for the asking, and to be grateful for that and for what little we have had the vision and courage to accept thus far in our lives.

My we all find ways to share our bread and clothing with our brothers and sisters, that they will know and experience the Creator’s generosity through our giving, and by witnessing our Faith in Limitlessness demonstrated in our consciousness, may learn to embody that themselves.

May we be mindful that our brothers and sisters, though outwardly they may seem to suffer and cry, that they have from on high chosen to witness from within what lack is like, perhaps to clear karma, perhaps to deepen their compassion, perhaps to be at the side of those who lack such vision or faith and give them strength through their abiding with them in these times.

May we accept our brothers and sisters as they are in their apparent lack without, knowing their limitlessness will bloom when they are ready, and having faith that their seeming variation on reality and practice in life are not lacks in who they are but experiments in Being that they will complete someday.

May we, in giving to them, not see them as lacking but as powerful in their choice to manifest what they need, and be grateful we can serve them in this way.

May we ourselves accept more and more of the limitless supply our Creator offers for the asking, that we may pass on both the supply and the consciousness of our abundance.

May we recognize that it is not what is supplied to us by the Creator but that the Creator provides that is the whole point of the exercise; that we are not finding our security in having things but in knowing the Source, and that in our acceptance of such providence the Source is glorified, not ourselves.

May we recognize that how much we have accumulated to ourselves in the material world is not the measure of who we are, but how much we give spiritually, and that even if it seems we are not affluent enough to give materially what we would like we can give limitlessly in love, in forgiving, in a positive view of all, including ourselves.

I believe this is what the Creator wants most: that we be at peace with ourselves, our lives and our fellows in this world. Ultimately I believe life is not just about ending material lack but about ending spiritual lack, as spirit is the foundation of all. We hear about efforts to end hunger in Africa and elsewhere, but I think the average person doesn’t see the cause of the hunger, and what the world really hungers for.