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Transform Yourself into a Superhero

Transform Yourself into a Superhero

Today I finally rented the movie Hancock, which is about a bum of guy with superhuman powers who gets a makeover. If you’ve seen it you will get all the references in this post. Is he from another planet? He doesn’t know, as he’s had amnesia since he woke up in a hospital some years ago. Sound familiar?

It should. It’s you and me. It’s all of us. We woke up in a hospital some years ago, not knowing anything about who we really are, and have been dabbling in our superhuman metaphysical-spiritual powers, but still often have felt like lousy bums, causing damage to ourselves and to others. We lack superhuman finesse, and too many people don’t like us for some reason – or we imagine they don’t, or we don’t feel all that lovable.

We stumble along, drunk on self-pity and somewhere between dissatisfied and disgusted with how others treat us for all our clumsy best efforts to do some good in this world. And it seems all we can remember are the troubles. Somehow we feel alone, as if the only one of our kind, not understanding who were are or why others sometimes treat us so poorly. We want to connect, to have closeness, acceptance, someone to love who understands us. In our stumbling spiritual vagrancy we feel hurt and lonely but don’t see the connection.

Yet in some way we are indeed a clumsy, drunken, ignorant mess. We need a spiritual make over. We need to give more thought to the effects we are having and how we are conducting ourselves – spiritually, in particular. We are divine beings. Our powers are immense. We are taught we can manifest love, friends, fame, riches. We can heal ourselves and others. We are told that we can even fly, teleport, visit other worlds, materialize gold and gems, commune with wondrous beings of other dimensions – that we are gods. “Ye are gods,” he reminded us. Yet we are a mess.

We do need a spiritual makeover. Just changing the outer won’t be enough. Our attitude must also change. Say. “Thank you, good job.” To others. Appreciate their efforts, even if their abilities are seemingly far less than your own. They are doing their best. Answer for our mistakes. Make amends. Be not reckless in our heroic efforts. Neaten up our outer presentation – don’t be a bum inwardly or outwardly.

And know others do need us. Without your light “crime” rises. Spiritually sober and sensitive to the needs of others to our own need to connect we will find our presence is very welcome and very much able to contribute and be appreciated.

The Achilles heel? Hancock has one. We do as well. For all our power, we need to choose our higher purpose over our personal, human passions. Getting too close to the human self, falling in love with it, “needing” something personal from another – this will only drain us of our divine gifts. Our strength is from within. No, we can still love and have and hold. But do so “from a distance,” meaning from our spiritual heights. Perched high above mankind’s constructions we can reach the moon and teach others the meaning of love so they can change the world. And our one-on-one love is divine and won’t drain or consume us because we have put our godliness and higher purpose above all personal needs. We have realized others need us and that more than anything we need to give our best. We need to fulfill our highest calling. Living only for our personal desires we would waste away into a vulnerability to the less-than-friendly attitudes of society.

We are drawn, perhaps by nature, to connect on a personal basis. From across the world we are brought together, perhaps by fate, but our lives are not ruled by fate. We can choose. And we must come to see that our spiritual love for those to whom physical nature draws us extends far beyond our need for them. With great effort we rise from the wounds we have received and throw ourselves from mankind’s constructions. We leap skyward, reaching beyond the roaring traffic of this world toward the moon of inspiration which reflects the light of a greater sun.

And in that light, removed from mere physical level relations we find our selves again and the world we loved so personally comes back to life, divinity flowing again through its veins and our own.