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How to Change the World in One Easy Step

How to Change the World in One Easy Step

We look at the world today and see a lot of troubles. Economic issues, employment, crime, wars, oppression, disease, corruption, pollution, government stupidity, and so forth. Some of us get angry; some get active, some give up, some pray. Many feel powerless, yet the reality is we have all the power. Outwardly it can be a very hard struggle to make positive change happen. I will tell you why.

In the material world of separation we are handicapped simply by the fact that we are operating, or trying to act, at the level of separation and our power will be divided. What alternative is there?

The alternative is to change our minds and as we do that we release the world from our negative expectations. I am of the belief and experience that the world is composed of and configured by our own thoughts. Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? It’s not new – not by a long shot – but rather a teaching that states our thoughts and beliefs, not just our actions, create our experience and draw to us the things and people we want or at least expect in our lives.

A lot of the current teachings of the Law of Attraction seem to focus on the individual creating the life he or she wants to have, but this post is about creating the world you want for everyone, not just for yourself. Actually, it’s about being yourself and letting the world fall into line with your truth, because that is what it will do, whatever you believe your truth to be. What matters most is what you believe is of value, necessary or inevitable. If you assign these three labels to your truth, then you are on the right track. So, what does that mean?

This post was inspired by a lesson in A Course In Miracles that I read tonight. It’s Lesson 132 in the Workbook for Teachers, titled “I loose the world from all I thought it was.” What it says is that the world you see is shaped precisely by your own thoughts and beliefs, and that it can be reshaped by us. It points out that this idea is not pride but humility and accepting our role in reality. Rather it’s pride that has us say we are separate from it, and that we blame it on others or on its own nature.

In reality “the world is nothing in itself” says the Course. Indeed, we are nothing in ourselves but that we accept the truth of who we really are as creations of God, still as pure as we were created. When we let go of our ideas of the world, such as strife, stupidity, disease, iniquity and such, and chose our own reality for ourselves the world will be released from the energy patterns our beliefs, demands, expectations and condemnations put on it. And so will we be released.

If the world were real in itself rather than a creation shaped by our thoughts then we would have an opponent rather than a chance for sure peace. If we were real as separate selves then we, in our seeming imperfection, would be in opposition to the Creator, who is nothing but Love in Oneness, and no such Creator would make it possible for us to be outside that love. It is our illusions that we hold which keep us here, and which keep “here” a hell of a reality.

Yet we are as we were created, pure and true. Return to your truth by intention even if you know not how. You will be guided, but you must also release the world from your illusions if you are to be able to see your way through. You can’t hold up illusions and know the truth.