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June 15 2014 Notes on Living

June 15 2014 Notes on Living

Who Are You to Complain?

You can’t complain about feeling ignored when you ignore your own will. Don’t complain about feeling powerless when you keep playing passive and giving away your authority for the plans of others.


You Can Succeed.

You can do it. You don’t need evidence but to embrace possibility, willingness, will, drive, faith and faithfulness as your path to success. Let your actions toward your goals be an expression of your self, not just mere hope of getting somewhere. Think about that and you can also feel the difference. Which way do you want to live? In fear, or courage?


A Toolbox for a Head

Look at every though and feeling you have not as an expression of who you are, but as a tool you use for a goal. Then set aside those tools which do not work well, or at all, in attaining your purposes. You are innocent of your tools’ failures. Simply correct yourself and move on.


Fearless = Leader

Everybody loves confidence in others. Why? Because a confident, determined person has a chance of success and is a resource to all around him. He can lead, help, protect, supply, rescue, teach and otherwise be a light in their lives.

You love being confident, yourself. You love the feeling of peace it gives you. But don’t wait for confidence to accumulate. A little known form of confidence is based on determination and intention. It is a certainty of your own will to attain a goal.