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June 16 2014 Notes on Living

June 16 2014 Notes on Living

Who’s In Charge?

If you accept a rule from society or some other person within it, then it is really you who is setting the rules, not anybody else. Nobody is holding you back but yourself. You need to set rules that free you wisely, not bind you foolishly to others.



Never negotiate with haters. They will never give in. Hate, in some degree, is their only way, and their only goal is to defeat you.


Talking to Ghosts?

So much goes on within our minds and hearts that is merely a dress rehearsal for an audience that will never arrive. End all such imaginary communication. Nobody is hearing your thoughts or feelings, your inner drama, silent complaint, private suffering. If you need to talk about it, find someone who can hear you, but end the inner jibber jabber. It just pollutes your life.