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June 17 2014 Notes on Living

June 17 2014 Notes on Living

A Substitute for Fear

Replace fear with intention, creation, faith and action to obtain/realize/remember/use the solutions you require for your issues and goals. Fear just doesn’t do anything for you. Look at it as a signal you need to take confident action. Bravery, courage, intention, right effort, are responsibility what make a difference.


Ending Fear…

Ending your use of fear is itself a solution. Fear is itself a problem. Convert it into determined, confident concern and then into right action.


Observe the Transformation

With observation of self, without judgment, you will at some point shift inwardly so as to recognize that your fear is false. Then you can let go of it.



Harmony with yourself is the foundation of everything. For what you don’t like in yourself you will attack in others, and thus all conflicts are born.