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June 18 2014 Notes on Living

June 18 2014 Notes on Living

Fear is Not a Thing

Fear is not a thing you have or that you are. We say or think, “I have fear” and “I am afraid,” but these are careless words, unfortunate in our language, that mis-define us and are disempowering. We need to change our use of language. Fear is something you do to get something from others. It is literally a form of communication in itself, but one which doesn’t help at all. If we realize it is deliberate, harmful, ineffective and distracts us from doing what does work, we can bring its use to an end.


Why Do We Do What Doesn’t Work?

It’s easier to get rid of our negative emotion methods when we get rid of our ethic of punishment, denial, unworthiness, separation, contention, domination, submission, and so forth. Never accept negativity as a positive value or solution to a negative situation. Focus on what is of real value in life, what are the real causes, the real Source, and what creates our experiences.



You know the answers, deep within you. Let them come forward. Learn to be calm so you can hear them.


Are You Too Passive?

There is actually no such thing as passivity. Even being passive is done actively. Think about that, and consider how that’s been working out for you.