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A Pain-free Life – Part 1 of 3

A Pain-free Life – Part 1 of 3

Physical pain is a big issue for a lot of people. We hear about many entertainers and actors who have admitted to becoming addicted to pain medication due to back injuries or other sorts of problems. Careful pain management is an important part of their recovery, and there are of course numerous approaches to both pain management and to healing the cause of the pain. Unfortunately, many people lack the time or money to obtain the best care and either end up with chronic pain, or drug dependency after the actual pain is gone.

There are many approaches to healing and dealing with physical pain. Medication is one, and it can make life tolerable in the short term. There are many sorts of physical therapy, and surgery, but unfortunately most mainstream doctors rarely know of, understand or believe in the alternatives that have helped millions. I myself have had great help at times with chiropractic, for example. It amazes me when I meet people who completely dismiss chiropractic without having experienced it, or because their doctor said it’s hogwash. I’ve used it for various needs for over thirty years and it saved me numerous times. Where a conventional doctor would have given me a pill and heating pad that would do nothing, my chiropractor did an adjustment and I was better in minutes.

There was however a time where my chiropractors ran into a challenge. In 2002, while at my brother’s for Christmas, I developed a case of sciatica on the left side that made the six hour holiday traffic drive home sheer agony. I had to stop every fifteen to thirty minutes to get out and stand just so I could keep from going crazy with the pain.

When I got back home to Las Vegas I went to my chiropractor, who gave me a stretching exercise, which was supposed to help in time, but after about a week there was a day when I stretched, perhaps incorrectly, and the pain got much worse and stayed that way. Needless to say I wasn’t happy with that chiropractor, and even a few more visits didn’t do much good. So I went to another, who was boasted of being the “sciatica king” but he just gave me the same stretching exercise that led to the worst pain, another who was okay, and another who made a little more progress, but as my funds were limited I had to limit my visits. Overall, I got little help from chiropractic in my case of sciatica. The real help came from within.

Let me note here that as you read you will come to see why these different chiropractors could not help me in this instance. They have helped me in many instances, and I still go to them when needed. But even at that, believe me when I tell you that I have seen nine different chiropractors over the course of thirty years and they are all different. Some are excellent; some are very much not, so don’t dismiss chiropractic based on one doctor or one story.

I even went to an osteopath, which is like a cross between a chiropractor and an MD, but unfortunately he seemed uninterested in really helping and gave me a prescription for Lortab, which worked a while, but when it expired after a week he wouldn’t renew the prescription because it could be addictive, and I was high and dry with my rather severe pain. When I called him a few weeks later he had closed practice.

Sciatica can be really bad. The pain I felt would usually be tolerable if I was standing, and a bit less so if I was sitting, but if I sat a while and stood up I would have a period of about five to ten seconds where I just about jumped out of my skin. At work I learned to anticipate this surge of pain and keep composure until the pain subsided. Again, I had no medication and this period of sciatica pain went on for about six months. Not fun.

This was going to be a trial, for sure.  Being oriented to personal and spiritual growth I was prepared to look for important lessons with this powerful motivation. I found plenty. It was one of the best worst times of my life.

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