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A Prize Testimonial

A Prize Testimonial

I have been very lazy in collecting testimonials, but here is my favorite.

What follows was written by Nancy B., a Registered Nurse and American expatriate living in Ireland, who contacted me for coaching when her life was in the dumps. We had met a few years before when she consulted me about a problem she had with her web site for her former business, and reached out to me out of the blue again with her wanting to develop a new online business using her considerable knowledge on matters of health.

As emails went back and forth the conversation quickly shifted into consultations with me on life path and purpose, and then into the topic of the doldrums she was in at that time, living with limited resources in a small town in Ireland and in a relationship that seemed far from perfect, and a friend who was ill.

I am deeply grateful that I was able to be of such effective support to Nancy. Thinking of how I was able to help her did at one point bring me to tears of gratitude. This is what I want to do. Leading others back toward peace and happiness is a precious thing for me.

I am available for coaching by email or phone, and will soon be setting up more info and facilities for that here on the web site. Feel free to write me if you have an interest.

Here’s what Nancy had to say. It’s long, but I treasure every word of it.


Have you ever felt completely lost? I remember saying to Eric, over and over, those two words: “I’m lost”. I went on to tell him that for the first time in my life, I didn’t know what I wanted, where I wanted to be or how to change my desperately low feelings. Was I suicidal? No, not really. It was more like: I’m just tired of the fight; I’m exhausted and if I didn’t wake up in the morning, it would be all right.

I was living in a small town in Ireland – a country that was not on my Bucket List, but due to unusual circumstances and a friend – who would become my sweetheart – I was grateful to have a place to land after my business back in the States closed.

Yet I found myself miserable due to multiple factors, including very limited finances. Where I had landed was very much like how I grew up. We were not poor during my childhood, close to it. My siblings and I were smothered in love, thank God, and always had food on the table, but as a little girl I wanted more, and I was ashamed that we didn’t seem to have all the things that others had. People made fun of us; my Dad’s job, our car, our house etc. So, living like that again gave me those same feelings – not comfortable for me! Yes, I was out of my comfort zone!

And so, there in our cottage in Ireland, I often found myself waking up in the middle of the night with intense fear, so much so that I was starting to experience chest pains. I worried about everything – finances, love, guilt, fear, health, aging and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I felt completely and totally lost. Not a normal emotion for me. In the past, I had always knew what I wanted, where I was going and how to get there.

I wrote to Eric. I told him that I was lost and miserable and asked if I should move back to the U.S.? I asked him how to stop worrying about finances, how to forgive when it wasn’t in my heart to do so, and how to be happy. These were all questions that I probably needed to answer for myself, but I was hoping that someone else would answer them for me.

Eric introduced me to some important, new ways of thinking and being that would ultimately change the course of my life, with his professional guidance, love and support.

He said so many amazing things; some were a bit over-my-head at first, but I kept reading them over and over, trying to understand what they meant. And then one day it just hit me like a bolt of lightning. I understood! I finally got it!

Whenever I asked questions of him, his answers were amazing! For example, when I mentioned that I felt like I was back to my childhood life and that I was waking in the middle of the night with fear and chest pains. He said:

“Be grateful for your situation, because that it’s bringing you to a place of discovering what your real Source is and of learning to take command of your consciousness. You get to look at your life and clear out the past and create a new you.” 

 His words are still embedded for all eternity in my heart and soul.

I learned so much about life and myself and continue to learn more each and every day, now that I’ve opened my heart. I truly “listened” to my soul’s desires. It was amazing. I went through such a transformation and I am now experiencing true joy.

So what did I do? Thanks to Eric, I left Ireland and returned to the States. What I discovered about myself during that time was profound. I finally “got it”.

So where am I now? Back in Ireland where I’m learning and more importantly “remembering” about the true essence of life here on Planet Earth. I’m living in the NOW as much as I possibly remember to do so… I’m still a work in progress :))

Eric played such an integral part in my journey. I am most grateful – more than I can ever put forth. He played such an integral part in my journey from total confusion to wondrous clarity!

To Eric: Thank you for being a part of MY life – I only hope you can know how much you have done for me – for my soul – you have helped me on my path to “remembering” which has taken me on several other paths that are SO EXCITING!