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Angels at Your Door: Are You Home for Delivery?

Angels at Your Door: Are You Home for Delivery?

In this world we of spiritual inclinations may at times feel like there are barbarians at the gate, but we have to realize that such is an attitude of separation, and that spirit overrides all such ideas as act on our willingness to live by spiritual “methods” and with a spiritual viewpoint of all things. The reality is that while it may look like there are barbarians out there, the reality is that there are angels at you door, even at your side. Are you willing to invite them into your life?

Yes, there are angels at your door. And saints, masters, and beloved Friends from all over and all time. You have friends here. Yes, you do. You know you do. Allow yourself to feel the love they have for you and that you have for them. With these friends, you don’t need enemies. We have what you want and need, abundantly, freely, and free of worry. For you need not to concern yourself with the world of worries, where “separate” things and people seem to take advantage of you, and were you think you may need to take advantage of them or fend them off.

You are at Home – the place where you awaken love in the eyes of others with your own love. No, it’s not buying love, but sharing it, shining it to be reflected back, spreading it around. That’s what they want to see – you at Home. With them, and angels are at your doorstep.

“We are angels on your doorstep. We are friends by your side, every step of the way. We have what you need, and deliver it the moment you are Home to receive it. We can indeed work your miracles with you, but not for you. You must be there to receive. No enemies to keep at bay, no fear or dread – only life and light. All is well, you are here at last where you know you belong, with your friends.”