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Are You Out of Control? Feel Unsupported?

Are You Out of Control? Feel Unsupported?

Today I had an interesting little adventure. I went to a sports superstore and bought a pair of orthotic arch supports for my shoes. I spent about a half hour trying the several different types. The ones recommended by the sales agent weren’t to my liking, and I bought one that felt more like the expensive ones I had tried at Goodfeet, but these were only 27.95 instead of 200.00.

Out to the car, I threw the bag on the seat and drove off for some more errands. One was to stop at The Home Depot to find some wood for a project I have. When I was done there I went out to the car and the bag with the arch supports was gone. I thought it was stolen from my car, and so proceeded to have a few emotions. While I was conscious that I created this for some reason, I felt a little violated, and that’s where the title for this post comes from.

One thought that came to mind as I drove home was that I felt out of control. To the material world self being in control is a major theme. Even those of us who think that’s not so, when something like a theft occurs we become upset or angry. As I will always maintain, all negative emotion is about getting someone else to be or do something for us. That’s trying to control your world. We think being in this world is about taking action that will create and maintain our experiences as we wish them to be, but I will point out that external actions are all in the linear realm of thinking, and the linear is the illusion, the temptation to think our world is outside of us and that we must control and patrol it to get or keep what we want.

That is not the case. This is not an external world we live in. It is all generated from within through nonlinear energies, and when the linear gets in the way of those energies things go astray and awry so as to get is to see that what is within us in our consciousness is out of alignment with our truth. The mechanism of the universe is upset when we are upset, i.e., out of order, and thus follow out of order and out of control experiences in our “outer” world. But there is no outer world. It all is an expression/extension of our “inner” non-material realm of activity – our consciousness.

So, why were my arch supports stolen from my car? Well, they weren’t. I had been so involved with my thinking process and project plans that I forgot I had stopped at home to pick up something I was going to return to The Home Depot – a ballast for the fluorescent light in the kitchen. So later when I got home there they were on the bed, giving my more messages “to boot” (pun courtesy the Angels assisting me with this post): my support in this world is not missing as my small self has thought, I merely forgot where I had left it, and that as I simply return “home” to my Truth I will find that I had it all along. That, along with the purpose of getting me to write this post for you and myself. The Divine Ones are so efficient, reflecting the world in a raindrop.

So it’s not about outer control, and we still have our ideal support in this world and will find it in our truth. I would say those were some productive errands I ran today.