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End Your Humble Refusal Of Good

End Your Humble Refusal Of Good

Sometimes people may be yearning so much for something they want, such as companions, opportunities, financial blessings or new abilities, but they are consciously or unconsciously saying no to these good things out of some sort of humbleness, making what amounts to statements that are aimed really to assure the giver that they are not being self-aggrandizing in asking for and accepting what they want. This is a psychological tradition of sorts that is very ill-conceived.

When you say no to good, even when you mean yes, the result is that of the no answer. Refusal is leads to not getting. Acceptance results in fulfillment. Denial of self is a plague in our world. We have to realize two things: one is that the Universe (manifestation through consciousness and vibration) will give us what we want when we accept it, and the second is that in our desiring something we do in fact believe we should have it. All the self-denial and so called humble refusal is nothing but social groveling based on thinking you have to beg others to gain your reward, even if that reward is your heavenly reward.

The concern of the “humble” person using self-denial is not to be egotistical, but really he is being egotistical in that he has misconceived virtue and spiritual attainment – or whatever you want to call it. Egotistical means separate and materialistic, meaning you define yourself by ideas of separation and your attainment or refusal of things, situations and relationships in the material world. But you don’t need to refuse good in your life to make the highest social, psychological or spiritual attainment. You need to refuse to define yourself by these things. In fact, how you define yourself in the larger sense will determine what you attain, which you can see is the reverse of the egos way. You will thus manifest according to your self-definition and “spiritual configuration” of vibration.

This is all the workings of the principle of “as within, so without.” Your life will unfold around you according to your maintained consciousness/vibration and need for growth. But be sure that you are maintaining and attaining inwardly primarily for the reason of the essential value of those attainments. If you are doing it merely to gain outwardly then you are being materialistic. There is nothing wrong with responding to material needs with inner work to resolve those issues and fill gaps in your material life. Not at all. That would be just more self-denial. Only see that what is central is the qualities you embody.

This is the parallel to the Bible verse that says, “He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake.” And I can testify that there is a very different vibe on doing it that way. It relieves you of the stress of material striving, which most are so useful they don’t realize it until they step out of it. It is a great strain on one to maintain that race against others, to fill the basket of life and perform materially, when all is solved in our inner attainment, both by relieving ourselves of ego’s desires in a competitive scenario, as well as answering our inner most virtue and true desire for peace and fulfillment.

The divine essence of the idea of humility is non-separation. It says, to put it in the Bible way, “Not my will, but Thine be done.” Not the illusory separate individual but the foundational Spirit that is our Oneness, which some call God. Humility means indeed not to aggrandize the separate self but it cannot mean to deny the embodiment its needs and well being. Saying no to good that can benefit all – including self – is not a virtue. Benefit must be shared by all or the Oneness is broken by separating self from that benefit, and the self remains in ego’s idea of separation. This is not your will. Your desire for good in the first place tells you that. And that will is “Thine” in Oneness.

So rather than unthinkingly responding, “No, I just couldn’t.” say “Oh yes! How wonderful and thanks! I humbly” (meaning not merely for myself) “accept and receive this goodness.” And in doing so you teach and spread that vibration to all the Oneness in embodiments, which is another wonderful benefit of accepting good.

Note: Remember always, when aiming to fulfill yourself, of the law that what goes around comes around. Wish all goodness and wisdom for others as well: “And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have aught against any: that your Father also which is in heaven” (consciousness) “may forgive you your trespasses.” That’s from Mark 11:25. It means that you are shifting from separation – aught means moral obligation and seeing others in separation as your source – to the Oneness/Father/God as non-separate source: vibrational cause founded in your consciousness. You are the gate keeper of your goodness. The Oneness is the deliverer of your good. You will live by the laws you pass on others and receive what you give in consciousness.