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Finding Heaven On Earth

Finding Heaven On Earth

The only evil in this world is our own repetition of the negativity of others. We are exposed to judgment and all manner of negative behaviors and responses to what happens, including fear, all during our lives. We have to make the choice in each moment to respond to our experiences in a better way than we have been shown. We have been judged and didn’t like it, yet despite our dislike of judgment we learned to judge others and ourselves as if that were a virtue or socially useful behavior. How can we take on and continue a behavior we didn’t like to be exposed to in the first place?

When I was growing up I was picked on a fair amount. I picked up the habit of judging as I was judged, and for years treated myself as badly as the other kids did. I also learned to judge others in subtle and not so subtle ways. I was out of high school but I carried high school around inside me for a couple of decades. I had become my own enemy, all because of how others demonstrated how I should be treated, and how one treated others.

It should be obvious, but do you realize that having any sort of disapproval of what or how someone is doing something is judgment and is as harsh as any attack? How often do you see someone dressed a certain way and you “don’t like it” or “don’t care for it”? So what? Do you want to live in a world that is like your high school where anyone who was a little different was looked down on? And do you really want to do that to yourself?

Free yourself from others judgments by freeing yourself from judging others, and thus end your playing along with, yes, the only evil in the world. Don’t judge yourself. The best experience one can have is non-judgment – feeling accepted as you are, imperfections and all, but also accepting others just the same. Indeed the greatest imperfection, perhaps the only one, is judgment of imperfection itself. Even judgment of judgment is a mistake.

There’s that old saying, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” In separation there will be mistakes, deficiencies and plain old differences, but that is inherent in a world created out of our imperfect conception of ourselves and of reality. Yet the divine self, the true nature of our being in spirit, is unconcerned with the external time and space manifestations of separation. It concerns itself with its own inner state, which it maintains according to truth, and the reality of Oneness. When we attune to that and cease judgment we have eliminated that much more “evil” (non-love, non-truth, separation-thinking) from the world.

So what do you do? Experience. See and observe and feel without condemnation. Then you are a peaceful presence, rather than going around and striking others with your opinions or flagellating yourself silently as if that would impress anyone you would want to impress. You are now free and so are they; free from the battery of judgment you have endured for so long.

(Note: I was at a gathering a while back and a woman across the room whom I hadn’t met yet glanced at me and I felt her judge me for some reason. It actually felt like I had been batted in the head with a pillow! So you see, when you judge, you actually do impact others with subtle energy. It can also reinforce in others subconsciously that they are in an unloving world and that there is something wrong with them. Haven’t we had enough of that?)

When you were in school I’m sure you wanted good friends; people who didn’t judge you, because it felt good to be accepted for who you were. When others or your parents differed in their opinions of how you were living your life or judged you for some reason it didn’t feel good. You wanted to be accepted. Unfortunately we are taught to try to win acceptance by conforming, and oddly, sometimes that conformity is manifested by joining in the judgment and non-acceptance of self and others. Accepting judgments and feeling bad about your self or resentful are part of this as well. We are taught to seek acceptance but not to give it. This is the error of the world run by ideas of separation.

Remember that the world is backwards from spirit. We put the cart before the horse – before the engine of manifestation – which is our own spirit. Thus, if you want to be accepted you must accept others and self. Ego tries to get stuff for itself first. “I want to be accepted” it says, but really one best dwells on “I treasure the feeling of being accepted so I will accept myself and share that treasure by accepting others as they are.” Thus you center in your spirit, your own true state, without seeking something from others in time/space that you can create within yourself and share with everyone.

Also note that you can make choices without the condemnation sort of judgment. This is an important distinction. To observe that someone is living a negative pattern is not condemnation, and not judging doesnt mean you aren’t observing when it’s not good to be involved with that person in some way. Non-judgment is also a matter of remembering that each person has been through experiences that they didn’t have the tools to handle with grace and come away without being negatively shaped by them. And that you are the same in that respect. It also means that in loving them as they are without condemnation AND with choice will remove from their lives and the world the “abuse” that is condemnation and will aid them, others and you in rising even higher and with greater ease.

With no bargain to make, no compromise or sale necessary, you find you already have the greatest treasure: self-acceptance and non-judgment of others as your core of character. Your life is wrapped in the warm blanket of love and radiates peace and kindness toward all. This is heaven on Earth.