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How to Free Yourself from Your Mistakes

How to Free Yourself from Your Mistakes

Often times when you make a mistake or seem to fail to maintain a higher quality you are aiming at spiritually, in an outward or inward goal, you will find yourself feeling bad about it. Of course, we are taught to forgive and move on, having learned something – we hope – but we also may assume that we have set ourselves on a lesser course in that instance. You may find yourself thinking, “What have I done to myself now!” and think you have missed the boat and can’t regain the ground you lost.

In all honesty, that is just another of the small self’s habits of shutting itself out of heaven. The reality is that you can change course again and “cut across the median” to get where you wanted to be. When faced with this sort of internal obstacle of self-limitation simply observe and move again to attain that goal you really want. Don’t let time or space rule you. That’s the basis of what I’m saying here. Attaining the divine goal is worth breaking the ego’s rules of self limitation and poor-me-ism.

As ACIM states, the basic question the Universe asks us is, “What do you want?” It’s always waiting to hear our next answer in every moment, and brings us just that. So when you find yourself in an oops moment, you can change direction again. Don’t think what has passed in time is carved in stone. There are options. This is the essence of forgiveness. Take charge and take advantage of the power to create that the Universe/Creator offers you in every new moment.