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Is It Okay? Manifesting What You Want?

Is It Okay? Manifesting What You Want?

Perhaps some of you have wondered if it’s right for a person to ask for specific things from the Creator (which, by the way, is you on the Divine, Universal level). I myself have had issues to resolve about the nature of materialism, what is selfishness, self-denial, and what’s okay to ask for in life.

There are those who believe it’s not appropriate to ask (manifest) for specific things, but this often just masks ego’s penchant for self denial, turning God into an ungenerous person. This is all just projection and denies the Unity of all that is. Yet the question remains as to what is right to manifest in life. Do we passively wait to see what the Creator brings us, or do we participate and explore? Should we ask for what we want?

The Bible tells us to ask and it will be given. That’s pretty clear. It doesn’t say ask but don’t ask. Other works say not to ask for your self but to give to others. There are countless saints and such who have “done without” and served others. Are they the example we should follow – completely? In this modern day? Is there a new way? I certainly think so, since there are resources we can avail ourselves of and things we can do that do greatly help others and which do require sufficient funds. And if the laws of manifesting are true – and they are – then there’s no reason for anyone to suffer lack.

Should we ask for what we want? What so you really want, in life, materially and experientially? And the rub is that we be aware of the line between unlimited supply the Creator offers and vain materialism. One of my early teachers of manifesting, a woman so able she had to be careful what she said because it would happen, said that if you are willing to manifest what you think you want you will eventually learn what you really want. When the meaning and power of manifesting is understood the delineation and solution becomes plain.

At the core, manifesting isn’t about getting and having things but about your consciousness as a person and about your self/world concept. What you attain in living by the laws of manifesting is an understanding that you and all are forgiven because the source of your experiences and fulfilled needs is within you, regardless of how those experiences and things were delivered to you externally. Thus you can end the tyranny of external sources, including your own petty tyranny over others that appears as grievances, expectations and desires, voiced or not. Guilt and blame vanish. Ending this struggle is really what you want. You want to be at peace with others and yourself. You want to love them and not make demands. This is the spiritual gift of manifesting. That is why it’s so important to understand and practice it.

It doesn’t matter so much what you manifest but that you understand what manifesting means about you and your world and everyone in it. As this understanding settles in and you see the source of all things in this world – consciousness – your true sentiment and perspective becomes clear. The din, chatter and struggles of the human marketplace become uninteresting, and you find that some of the external things and experiences you were attracted to no longer matter to you, and you have peace in the world. Fearless, your love for all comes forward, and you move with grace to create situations and draw on resources that support the expression of your own best interests for self and others. You become a builder of the world, not just a slave/slaver bargaining for his sustenance and security. You are free.

When you really get it, what you manifest will be secondary to the fact that you can, and what that means. This is the purpose of the practice of manifesting. It opens the door to brotherly love by removing the perceived cause for all conflict – obtainment through seemingly external means. You don’t have to convince anyone but yourself.

Note: “Selfishness” is a code word for separation and the struggle to get for self versus serving the well being of all without self-denial, relying on the Unity of all that is to provide through manifesting, either deliberately or vibrationally.